(job) XHTML/CSS/JS/Web 2.0 Prototyper, Redwood City, CA

3 Jul 2007 - 6:58pm
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Cindy Alvarez

Hi list -
I'm posting the first of two job openings at my company that are not
Interaction Designer positions but hopefully are folks that you rub
elbows with.

Yodlee values great design and there is a ton of opportunity to have a
real impact on our products and talk with our enthusiastic beta user
community. This is a really unique high-visibility project that this
position will be working on (think millions of users).

Are you interesting in working on building web front-ends that use Web
2.0 technologies for good and not for evil? Are you motivated by
extremely challenging problems and do you deliver elegant solutions?
Do you think in JavaScript, speak CSS, and daydream about the DOM?

We know that dynamic web applications "live and die" based on how well
they bridge the gap between storyboard design and execution. We have
great Java engineers who build the back end logic. We need YOU take
our product requirements and visual comps and bring them to life in an
interactive demo that shows off a sexy UI without making compromises
on usability.

Your code will be used for usability and concept testing, and will
serve as the foundation for the application engineers.


* Expert-level knowledge of XHTML and JavaScript
* In-depth understanding and experience with CSS. Must be able to
demonstrate effective uses of CSS and style inheritance
* Must be able to demonstrate a solid understating of the DOM
* Strong experience working with Yahoo UI or other JS libraries such
as script.aculo.us, dojo, etc.
* Strong sense of what is required of a great user interface
* Deep understanding of cross-browser development techniques
* Excellent verbal and written communications
* Ability to work seamlessly in a team development environment
* Desire to work in a fast paced, evolving, growing, dynamic environment
* Self-motivated

Yodlee is located in Redwood City, CA (close to 101, behind the Oracle
campus). We are a rapidly-growing company and can count most of the
country's leading financial institutions as our clients.

Please send your resume to jobs-us at yodlee.com with the subject line UI
Prototyper and cc: calvarez at yodlee.com

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