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2 Jul 2007 - 9:44am
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Kristen Christensen

Accenture is looking for an experienced user interaction design
specialist to help redesign an existing internal web application. The
project is based in downtown Chicago, with key business stakeholders
located globally. The work is ready to start immediately. This
individual would be on a contract basis. The initial length of the
contract is through the end of August 2007, with the possibility to
extend through the end of December 2007. The specialist must have the
following qualifications:

1. Experience with online design, information design, and
interactive design including a solid understanding of and experience
with the web and web technologies.
2. Experience as a usability/human factors engineer/Information
Architect in the web development arena.
3. Thorough understanding of and experience with user-centered
design techniques, web organization and structure, project process for
large scale/high priority projects, and documentation of requirements
and design specifications.
4. Proven skills in User Experience and Interface Design,
Information Architecture, and Project/Process Management.
5. Experience creating low and high fidelity storyboards and
wireframes using MS Visio.
6. Experience conducting paper prototyping review sessions.

If interested, please contact via email.


Kristen Christensen

CIO - User Experience Director

k.n.christensen at

312-925-7804 mobile

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