instruction design for interactive devices

29 Jun 2004 - 10:31am
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Javier Cañada ·...


I am looking for nice and interesting examples of
packaging/instructional design of interactive devices (computers, mp3
players, cellphones...). I am in one of those nice projects where you
happen to have more influence than expected, and I want to take full
advantage of it.

Specifically, I am looking for examples where there is an experience in
unpacking the whole thing. The goal is to take advantage of the
unpacking process to make the user aware of several things about the
product, before he/she turns it on.

I already have some examples from the typical Mijksenaar instructional
books. Also, I am digging a bit in Neurath, Dreyfuss and Aicher theory
about using iconic representations for quick contextual information. But
I lack good examples applied to complex artifacts with complex processes.

I will appreciate all the good examples you may know (besides Apple,
which is pretty well known for this). Also, if you know about UCD
methodologies in interactive design that also cover the "analog" part of
unpackaging, great!

You can send the examples directly to me, and I promise to send a
summary to the list. Thanks a lot!!

Javier Cañada

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