How many non-US members are in the house? [ I pledged]

22 Jun 2007 - 9:24am
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Philipp Schröder


I should have known better than signing up with an *ö* (o umlaut) for my
account name:

Philipp SchrXder wrote:
> Big thanks for everyone sharing their experiences and insights.
> Best greetings from Switzerland,
> Philipp

Umlauts work just fine on the the site itself. But it
looks like the forum to mailing list gateway swallowed it.

I didn't see a way to change my user name on Otherwise, I
would have replaced Schröder with Schroeder...

Best greetings from a non-ASCII-native ;-)




Philipp Schroeder
DIN15 / Information Architecture & Interaction Design, philipp at


22 Jun 2007 - 9:51am
Dave Malouf

Hi Phillip ... sorry about the lack of multi-lingualization on our
systems. :(

To your main question though I can answer this two ways. Anecdotally
speaking, there are "lots" (that is a scientific term meaning
significant #) of non-USer folks on this list. Looking at
participants posting the most representative countries are from UK,
India, Scandanavia, and Brazil.

the other just as unscientific method is using the recent survey we
did for the IxDA conference.
74% are USers.
The remaining 26% splits up by:
7% Canada
4% Scandanavia
3% UK/Ireland
3% Australia
2% Central Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy
2% Brazil
the rest is Other!

This is from 218 respondents out of 4500 total subscribers. I am no
statistician so I have no idea if that is significant or not.

Now, the lack of international response could be b/c everyone knew
the conference would be in the US and so that would have
automatically filtered the participants before they started.

anyway, that is an answer to your question!

-- dave

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22 Jun 2007 - 10:54am
Jeff Howard

Hi Philipp,

We're working on better non-ascii support but until then I wanted to
let you (and anyone else with this problem) know that you're allowed
to sign in to the beta with a variant of your name. People sometimes
post with different versions of their name depending on their e-mail
client (as you just did) so the beta allows the same sort of latitude
when you sign in. Just sign out and sign back in without the umlaut.
You can also edit your name on a one-off basis in the comment form
when you post.

To supplement the statistics that Dave shared, I thought I'd post
some numbers from the first few weeks of traffic to the discussion
page of the beta site (

Sixty-two different countries have shown up on the beta since we
launched. Most visits are from the United States (thousands) but
Canada, Australia and Great Britain also have a lot of traffic
(hundreds), followed by Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, India, Norway,
Hong Kong and Finland (dozens).

// jeff

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