Corrected post: Wizard Navigation to manage a long process

19 Jun 2007 - 4:38pm
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Andrew Otwell

> How have other designers designed navigation buttons when a process
> included
> a difficult and time-consuming step? One solution that seems plausible is
> to
> have both a 'Save' and a 'Next' button, where 'Save' would perform an
> intermediate save, while 'Next' would save and move to the next step.
> However, since 'Next' doesn't explicitly state a save, a message might be
> needed to let the user know for sure that his work has been saved -- and I
> want to avoid making the user read more than she needs to.

Also try to make the user avoid *saving* more than she needs to. Many good
wizards are transactional: they "save" everything the user does within the
wizard, but don't commit those changes "officially" until the last step,
typically a confirmation step listing the various choices made in the
wizard. In other words, just save everything from the beginning, don't
bother requiring the user to decide whether she should save or not.

If this really is a once-every-six-month process, it seems unlikely that
users will need to go partially through the wizard, save their work, then
leave the wizard entirely. If that's not the case, you might consider some
other metaphor (like "Saved Drafts") that might work better to manage
partially-completed work.

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