JOB: Senior Design Technologist - Client-Side Web Developer | Behavior Design NYC (Full-time/Consultants)

8 Jun 2007 - 10:00am
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Anthony Armendariz

Senior Design Technologist - Client-Side Web Developer

We are looking for a senior-level client-side web developer who has
experience writing clean, high-level HTML, CSS and JavaScript for
large, high-visibility clients. This job will require some travel to
the client in Washington, DC.

- Hand-coding a must.
- At least 5 years working on professional client-driven web projects.
- Expert knowledge of XHTML and CSS, particularly with fully
tableless layouts and valid and semantically correct code.
- Expert knowledge of writing high levels of interactivity using AJAX
and DOM-based JavaScript.
- Strong understanding of cross-browser and cross-platform issues,
limitations and solutions.
- Solid understanding of general web development issues, such as code
validation, accessibility and web standards.
- Strong knowledge of core programming concepts and standard practices.
- Ability to produce images for the web, using software such as
- Experience working on an interdisciplinary team of enterprise-level
projects, especially within a web services agency.
- Ability to work quickly, cleanly, and efficiently, and under tight
time constraints.
- Ability to work at a pixel-level of perfection and to faithfully
recreate the intended design.
- Strong problem-solving and communication skills.
- Experience with other technologies such as Flash, XML, PHP, ASP,
JSP, Ruby, and Perl a plus.
- Ability to be client-facing and to work in coordination with other
developers on the team.

Please send your resume plus URLs and/or code examples that represent
your skills and experience to anthony.armendariz at

Anthony Armendariz
Creative Director
40 West 27th Street, Suite 401
New York, NY 10001

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