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1 Jun 2007 - 9:33am
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john payne

MOMENT has two immediate openings in user experience design.

MOMENT is a design, research, and strategy firm committed to creating new kinds of user experiences that bridge the Web, the desktop, and the mobile device. Being a designer at MOMENT means you work on cutting-edge projects designing interfaces for some of the best known brands in the world (and some that will be). We are currently looking for full-time employees to work on location in SoHo, New York, NY.

If your approach to design includes the following, read on:
- 2 - 4 years designing for the web in a design firm or in-house design department
- experience observing, brainstorming and iterating with colleagues, clients, and end users
- strong presentation skills and the ability to explain and substantiate design decisions
- a passion for designing new kinds of user experiences

If you think you might be a fit for either of the positions listed below, send a brief cover letter together with a resume to jobs at Make sure you specify which position you are applying for and include links to previous work or your online portfolio.



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1) Interaction Designer.

Interaction Designers at MOMENT conduct user research, design interaction models, define information architecture, and document specifications across digital media.


- Degree in a related field, such as human-computer interaction, product design, interaction design, or technical communication
- Professional experience in information architecture, interaction, or interface design for web sites, software applications, and/or mobile devices
- Expertise in using research and participatory design techniques to translate business and user requirements into usable systems
- Systematic in your approach and detail-oriented in execution
- Excellent verbal, writing, visualization, and presentation skills
- Strong organizational and time management skills
- Expert in the use of the Adobe Creative Suite

Desired characteristics:

- Master’s degree in HCI or Interaction Design
- Ability to apply design thinking skills upstream of the traditional role of the designer
- Knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of modern front-end technologies & approaches (XHTML/CSS, ActionScript, JavaScript, AJAX, DHTML, etc.) and the curiosity to tinker
- Understand how “The Elements of Style,” “Understanding Comics,” and “How Buildings Learn,” apply to interaction design

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2) Graphic Designer.

Graphic designers at MOMENT interpret brand strategy and execute visual and information design of user interfaces across digital media.


- BFA in Graphic Design or related field
- Professional experience in interactive media design for web sites, software applications, and/or mobile devices
- Fluency with core graphic design principles (typography, form, color, composition, imagery, etc.) and the confidence to bend the rules when necessary
- A systematic approach and the ability to work in many different styles
- Excellent written, verbal, interpersonal and presentation skills
- Strong organizational and time management skills
- Expert in the use of Adobe Creative Suite and FLASH
- Working knowledge of HTML and CSS (at least enough of an understanding to recognize elegant code when you see it)

Desired characteristics:

- Experience designing for advanced "front-end" technologies & approaches, including: XHTML/CSS, ActionScript, JavaScript, AJAX, DHTML, etc.
- Ability to crystallize complex ideas into clear, informative information graphics
- know the correct use of en and em dashes, curly quotes, apostrophes and primes, and what to do about widows, orphans, and hanging punctuation

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