Suggestions or Templates for Creative Brief + UserRequirements for Design Firm

15 May 2007 - 3:28pm
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Mark Schraad

Dan Brown's book - "Communication Design" is a greeat place to start. Too many references to try them all...

On Tuesday, May 15, 2007, at 04:21PM, "Nidy, Dawn" <Dawn.Nidy at> wrote:
>I am seeking some advice on how to document our design requirements for
>our business stakeholders to review and to hand off to an external
>design firm.
>We are conducting a redesign of some major elements on our website. We
>have an internal user experience team, but we do not have enough
>resources to complete the project internally, so we're hiring an
>external design firm.
>I've been coordinating usability research to inform the design, and I
>have very solid thinking about the design direction. However, I would
>also like to benefit from the outside perspective and expertise of the
>design firm, provided that they are given direction in terms of the
>business needs, research findings, design considerations, and our
>industry-specific needs (health insurance).
>Does anyone have a template for this kind of documentation that they
>would be willing to share with me? Advice on how to structure a
>document like this is also very welcome, either from the consultant's
>perspective or the client's.
>Dawn Nidy
>dawn.nidy at

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