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19 Apr 2007 - 6:27am
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Christina Li

**Apologise for cross-postings**


uiGarden, the only UX webzine that published in both Chinese and English
needs YOUR help!

Since its launch in January 2005, uiGarden has attracted visitors from all
over the world. Currently about 60% are from China, 40% are from the rest of
the world (data for March 2007). In March 2007, it had on average over 1,100
daily page views and almost 500 unique visitors everyday. The number is
still growing very quickly. uiGarden is also linked from many well-known
design and usability websites including HCI Bibliography (ACM), (Don
Norman),, design group), etc.

Due to the expansion of our work, we are now looking for more volunteers to
join our team. Positions including:

*Editorial Team*
Editors are responsible for determining and maintaining the editorial goals
and policies of uiGarden. They are also expected to determine the theme of
each monthly issue. Translators are responsible for ensuring the consistent
and proper translation of documents into English or Chinese. Editors must be
knowledgeable in one or more aspects of UX (user experience) in addition to
having editorial skills. Translators need to be familiar with one or more
aspects of UX. Editors and translators must have a mastery of Chinese and
English language, preferable CET6/IELTS6.5 or higher.

- Chief Editor
1. Setting up the editorial goals and policies of uiGarden
2. Liaising with advisors on the strategy of uiGarden webzine
3. Managing the team of editors

- Editors
1. Working with the Chief Editor to establish and document
editorial policies, process and guidelines
2. Developing style guidelines for authors
3. Determining the theme of each monthly issue
4. Planning and editing occasional special issues/features
5. Setting up deadlines, ensuring they are met, and in general
maintaining the editorial calendar
6. Recruiting authors
7. Arranging translations for articles
8. Publishing articles and maintaining comments
9. Providing feedbacks to authors

- Translators
1. Translating and proofreading articles

*Web Team*
The web team is responsible for maintaining the functionality of uiGarden
website. This includes the both aesthetic and usability parts.

- Webmaster
1. Ensuring the high quality of the implementation of uiGarden
2. Managing a team of web developers
3. Ensuring that all links, both internal and external, work
4. Making minor corrections and updates to web pages
5. Setting up, and moderating mailing lists
6. Ensuring there is no spam in the webzine

- Web Developers
1. Maintaining the functionality of uiGarden website
2. Regularly checking up and installing necessary updates and
plugins of the CMS system and forums
3. Ensuring the uiGarden website meets current usability and
accessibility standards
4. XHTML, CSS layout, DHTML, JavaScript, MySQL, and PHP coding
5. Cross-browser compatibility
6. Validating all coding
7. Backing up all versions of coding on CD-ROMs

- Graphic Artists
1. Creating and maintaining a high standard of design for the
uiGarden website
2. Designing logos, web pages, graphic images for the web site
3. Designing brochures and advertisements, including typography,
colour and layout
4. Designing presentations, including typography, colour and

*Business Team*
The business team is responsible for uiGarden website's business
development, including sales and advertising management.

- Business Manager
1. Analysing and developing the business model for uiGarden
2. Determining the scope of new services
3. Working with other teams to creating advertising revenue for
uiGarden website
4. Recruiting sponsors and maintaining good relationships with
5. Acquiring advertisers and maintaining good relationships with
6. Negotiating prices with advertisers

- Communication Manager
1. Promoting the value of uiGarden website to other user
experience design communities
2. Writing press releases and promoting uiGarden website on
other media
3. Making speeches and presentations about uiGarden
4. Maintaining good relationships with other on-line and
traditional media
5. Archiving all uiGarden marketing copy on CD-ROMs

*Research Team*
The research team is responsible for the research activities that are taken
by uiGarden.

- Research Manager
1. Undertaking and organising research activities
2. Managing volunteers taking part in research activities
3. Publishing research findings on the uiGarden webzine
- Researchers
1. Undertaking research activities

At the moment we are still a voluntary organisation and therefore, cannot
offer any financial payments. What we can offer you are:

- Being involved in a successful website that is recognised across the
industry and has an international following
- Being part of a team which discusses cutting edge thinking and
research on interaction design and HCI
- Working closely with advisors who are world-reknowned pioneers in
the design field
- Having a reference to put on your resume and web site, and an
association which will open other doors
- Developing your professional skills, including literature research,
webzine editing, website design, etc.
- Being part of key discussions around uiGarden articles
- Having your picture on the site with a link to your own Website
- Getting a chance to write for uiGarden
- Becoming one of the first people to promote usability in China

If you are interested in any of the above positions, please email your CV
and a covering letter stating why you are right for the position to
uigarden at <//uigarden at>.

Best regards
*Christina Li*
Founder: <>
*Weaving Usability and Cultures*
Mobile: +44 (0) 7845269566

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