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17 Apr 2007 - 2:52pm
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Kim Hoffman

eXperience Design Manager

Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Systems believes that great experiences start with great people,
and we are currently accepting resumes for the position of Creative
Suite, Experience Design Manager.

The ideal candidate would have the following industry experience and

* At least 8 years experience as a User Experience Designer.

* At least 6 years experience as a team lead, mentor or manager
of a multi disciplinary design organization.

* Proven track record of working with product teams to create
world class experiences.

* Has strong interpersonal skills, and not only understands the
dynamics of product teams, but how to effectively work with, and lead,
large groups of people.

* Cares deeply about product design and improving people's

* Demonstrates design experience, and is affiliated with, or has
connections into, the broader design community.

* Can quickly come up to speed and participate in any product
design project, making a significant impact on the product, the people
and the team.

* Proven record in driving design process and leading both short
and long development processes.

* Has a very effective arsenal of tools for success, and is not
afraid to exercise his/her risk muscle.

* Has the ability to work very well under pressure and can be a
calming factor regardless of circumstance.

* Has strong design sensibility and can quickly grasp why & how
interactions/interfaces succeed or fail (can then inspire others with
patterns of success).

* Leads by example, and participates with his/her team to drive
product direction.

* Has the ability to create, communicate and implement on a long
term, wide scale, product vision.

* Has strong empathetic skills and understand people management,
communication and how to bring the best out of all around them.

* Can make confident decisions quickly and have a high degree of

* Must have a strong understanding of a product's life cycle and
experience driving teams to exceed expectations

If interested, please contact Kim Hoffman <kimh at>

Kim Hoffman
Manager, Talent Acquisition
Adobe Systems Incorporated
345 Park Avenue
San Jose, CA 95110-2704 USA
408.536.6935 p
kimh at <>

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