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24 May 2004 - 10:31am
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Dave Malouf

This posting fell under the "what is IxD?" title which we said we would not
discuss here. However, there are some specific aspects to this question that
after some consultation with others feel is worth a more general discussion
among the open list.
I do however hold the right to decide if the discussion goes way off course
or not and then turn on moderation if necessary.

-- dave

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Subject: 'interaction design'?

im a student in the crossroads of turning into a professional ;) i have few
unanswered questions to discuss...

Part one:
Till some time back.. I was pretty clear of the word 'interaction design'.
till I saw some works loosely replacing this word with things done by HCI
professionals and UI designers.

Now...I am little confused abt this word 'interaction design'..What does
this word 'interaction design' mean to people in the profession?

Part two:
Interaction design deals with interaction, function, usage, aesthetics, and
culture. so Is interaction design closer to 1),2) or 3) 1)Architecture
2)Product design 3)Visual design/HCI


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