User Behavior Patterns

12 Apr 2007 - 7:13pm
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Christian Crumlish

On 2/17/07, Jenifer Tidwell <jenifer.tidwell at> wrote:
> Perhaps it's time to make a pull-out chart of the patterns in
> the book, along with some of the principles that they derive from and the
> genres that some of them belong to. Would that be helpful to anyone here?

Yes, please!

> > ...
> > By the way, the very first chapter of "Designing Interfaces" was an
> > experimental attempt at cataloging "user behavior" patterns. They don't
> > describe how to build something -- they describe common things that users do
> > or want to do. Their names include Safe Exploration, Satisficing,
> > Incremental Construction, and Prospective Memory. Many of the other, more
> > standard patterns derive from the ones in this chapter: they directly
> > support these behavioral patterns.
> > I'd like to start a conversation about these. Are they helpful? What
> > others are there? Can they, or should they, be formalized more than I did
> > in "Designing Interfaces"?

I'd like to continue that conversation (hence this new thread). I'd
say, yes, they are helpful. There probably are others, and I suspect
people on this list could suggest some. They probably could be
formalized more. Should they be? Not sure, but it can't hurt to think
about it some more and discuss it further, right?


Christian Crumlish

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