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11 Apr 2007 - 7:36pm
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Chris Bernard

For those that made it through the last long winded thread here are some places and opportunities to learn more about Blend and other parts of our technology platform that support the generation or creation of user interfaces.

What the Hell Were Thinking?
Is a podcast over at Core77 that shows you some of what we were thinking about when designers Will Tschumy and myself joined Microsoft.

MIX Conference
Is a design, development and strategy conference that will (after it's over) have just about all of its content posted online. It will have some folks we are familiar with on this list like Peter Merholz, Clement Mok, Roger Black, Aaron Marcus and even GK Van Patter. Look under sessions to see some of the other folks and topics.

MIX University
Is where we post some overviews and training on some of the technologies that might be of interest to readers on this digest.

Expression Training
Starting next week in the US we will be offering training on Expression Tools in a number of cities. You can learn more by visiting each of these links. If you're out of the US and are interested in training shoot me a note at chris_m_bernard at hotmail and I'll figure out when and how some of this stuff will roll out in other parts of the world. (These are not design friendly sites but I promise the content will be worth your while if your keen on learning how to use this kind of stuff.)

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