Excellent Portfolios for IxDs(also:doemployerscare about portfolios?)

5 Apr 2007 - 10:20am
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Brad Bonham

To chime into the "what should I include online bit", I think a great
example of a portfolio that displays non-proprietary and non-copyrighted
work is here:

This is an example of an IxDer (and former colleague of mine) who is
including side projects, school projects, an impressively diverse
professional blog, and a more conventional personal journal as windows
into his professional world without displaying work from previous or
existing companies (HP, Benefitfocus) that would be violating any sort
of NDA.

The most important thing Dustin does (IMO) is further the knowledge of
the IxD community with his Volcanic Blog (recommended for your RSS
reader of choice) with well chosen videos and articles from other
sources. I've personally learned a lot from following his blog. The next
most important thing he does is present his professional life in a
visually pleasing manner, complete with process artifacts such as
wireframes and storyboards.

In summary, I think this is a great example of an IxDer who is 1)
showing process, 2) showing deliverables, and 3) furthering the
knowledge of the community without stepping on the toes of any
employers, and the site looks good to boot.


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> It's not always possible for a designer to show the
> work done( screens/prototypes/documents ) on job-
> could be due to IPR /Copyright issues.

I concur. Leave alone putting material online, even showing some key
portfolio pieces may not be possible. It was real easy putting work I'd
in school & other individual projects. Work done in a company is a
ball game. And as Mark mentioned, one could put a major website as a
portfoio piece, and just have created the ad banner. But again, the
portfolio is not meant to replace the conversation part, thats always
most important....but its just so much better then just a resume.

And Ixd'ers mostly wouldn't have a need to build a snazzy portfolio, a
simple one detailing the projects done, their role and approach/
would suffice.


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