Recommend me some Consultancies in the Mobile Sector

26 Mar 2007 - 7:28am
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Apologies for cross posting.

The company I work for is experiencing rapid growth.
We got a lot of work coming up and we intend of outsource a lot
of it.

My boss have asked me to compile a list of Consultancies for
which we can approach.

We are currently looking for Consultancies specifically those
specialising in the mobile sector to do all areas of:

- User Research (field studies, requirement gatherings, UE,
- Design (UI, UE, etc.)
- Testing (lab testing, comparative studies, product review,

I was wondering whether any one would like to recommend me few
to add to my list, especially those with renown industry
reputation and/or those you have worked with in the past which
you found are excellent in what they do.

We will consider all consultancies large and small, and from
anywhere in the world.

Many Thanks.


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