Anyone here local to Las Vegas?

27 Feb 2007 - 8:17am
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Dave Malouf


I would like to plan a gathering of IxDAers at the IA Summit next month in
Las Vegas, but I know so little about Vegas that I could use a little local
help in coordinating an event. In the past we've gathered some 30-40 folks
together for a meal. These would be a mix of IxDA list members who are
attending the Summit and those who are local to LV.

I'm thinking of doing this on Fri evening after the opening reception which
is usually just drinks (limited food). It is also the night after the IxDA
Symposium 1/2 pre-con workshop.

So I'd love to know if there is anyone on the list from Las Vegas and if so
would you be willing to lend a hand in planning an IxDA social night at the
IA Summit on Mar 23rd.


-- dave

David Malouf

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