Ignorance, or just poor terminology?

13 Feb 2007 - 9:28am
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Jack L. Moffett

In the past, I have considered Palm to be a company that understands
and employs good design, both the industrial and interaction flavors.
I was disappointed to read this quote by there CEO:

> BARCELONA (MarketWatch) -- Palm, Inc, the maker of the Treo smart
> phone, will continue to focus on ease of use and reliability rather
> than design, Palm CEO Ed Colligan said in an interview at the 3GSM
> telecommunications trade show here.

Focusing on ease of use rather than design? He makes this comment in
regards to the iPhone, of course, so I suppose he means visual design
(or more likely flashy graphics and animation), but that was an
unfortunate turn of phrase.

The full article is here: http://tinyurl.com/yomo2v


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If there's anything more annoying
than a machine that won't do what you want,
it's a machine that won't do what you want
and has been programmed to behave
as though it likes you.

- Don Norman

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