Poetry, Philosophy, and Interaction Design (and me)

12 Feb 2007 - 5:58pm
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Mitchell Joe

Hello Interaction Designers!

My name’s Mitch and I’m a poet-philosopher/aspiring Interaction
Designer. I just finished my Ph.D. thesis in philosophy and I won
Australia’s first national poetry slam and, as you can imagine, this
is not at all the same as 3-5 years of experience in interaction
design. So I’m having a little trouble finding work in interaction
design, but it’s what I really want to do and I think I’d be good at
it, given the chance.

I am looking for work as an Intern or Junior Interaction Designer or
some other type of low-risk employee (such as contract-to-hire or
possibly even pro bono). Ideally, I am looking for work in or near
San Francisco.

Here is a link to my pseudo-portfolio:


where you can see:

- my résumé
- Cooper’s Interaction Designer Test (used with permission) and my
response to it
- Cooper’s Design Communicator Test (used with permission) and my
response to it
- a portfolio of ideas
- some ideas I have about Pandora.com
- how to make a 30-day Free Trial of Adobe Photoshop last longer than
30 days
(I do not condone that sort of behavior; I just think it’s an
interesting design flaw.)

Thanks for your time. I appreciate it.

All the best,

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