RE: Prototypes, process, and ID (RE: [interactionarchitects] Re: process ... the nextgeneration)

28 Oct 2003 - 11:54am
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Josh Seiden

Peter Bagnall wrote:

> > There seems to be an acceptance by people that
short time scales are
> > inevitable. I'd like to push back against that.


> > One of the roles for a professional group, in my
> > is to advocate better design practice to the other
> > professions we interact with.

Then Ron wrote:

> Now, at the same time, is it better to adapt
ourselves to the
> conditions in which we find ourselves or is it better
to draw
> a line in the sand and risk being shunted completely

I hope that this group can take on both approaches.
Advocacy is what we should be about. That includes
advocating better way to do things. This is why we have
professional organizations--most individual
practitioners are not in a position to do this work on
their own.

At the same time, we should be supporting our
practitioners by developing a community and community
resources that can help practitioners be effective in
ways that are appropriate to the realities on the


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