IxD is about Human Interaction, nothing less nothing more

20 Jan 2007 - 1:42am
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Esteban Barahona

do you all want to make a collective essay? I will edit it with web-type...
floating divs, etc... but keep it on this thread (you can make a new
colective essay, but I may or may not edit it... )

*casts colective urban tribal drumming*

Let's see:

computers have keyboards. We know the story of this device. The qwerty one.
and the "answer", dvorak. both are chaotic... without purpose.

I propose

Using voice recognition software instead of keyboards. That will be way
fast, and natural. Like speaking to machine so that machine "just types for
you"... no slaves. Technology may be another "kingdom"... and it's feeling
important. Although with 30% of current technology's instances we can work
as a society better. IF, we used human interaction design.

Interaction between humans! Isn't that neat?! Full circle... loop, circular
time *sings 1 2 3 4 5 - 67*

moo. slap

cold water


Humans have to clean the mess we have created. The grey goo, sprawl city,
doesn't *spiral* nature. Nature has its own right to be there. But this
month I realized how powerful are mountains... I eat air btw. lots and lots
and lots of air... breath¡acolic... it's a terminal disease...

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