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20 Jan 2007 - 1:34am
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Esteban Barahona

Hi there.

Because of consistency I will continue posting all the ramblings on ENGLISH
here... I "hope" IxDA.org doesn't "die".

here's some "code about time":

1984 2007
-2500 -4
1970 1984

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 // lavender eye(s)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

2 1

...that's Buddhist mathematics...

you know what? I was not kidding. I'm an urban techno buddhist monk level 1.
It took me great effort, 21 years of "online training". I took the Intensive
method... but that's not recommended to anyone... you may take buddhism for
cows, which isn't that bad. Cows are sacred for Brahmanic religions.

*fool loop*

Parliamo in Italiano? no, va benne...

jaja, Italian is transparent for me... it's like I "was an Italian on a past
life"... I do have some "spells". I use the chaos with purpose school of
thought... and some katanas... but they're made of air... Air is a prime
material. But we forgot that. Technology NUMBS us... and speaking of moo,
there's kanji in there.

About Tool, thanks Lateralus tasted great. Really, but I will change blue
eyes with lavender eyes... thanks Salvatore...

I therein release everything that I type on the public domain. That's crap,
the 90% bit. See Murphy... but not everything is lost. In fact we're a lucky
bunch... and I paid a price to be here... yes posting on a gratis account at
Google/TheArchitecth @ 128kbps... thank "God" I don't want more. Less can be
good too. And that's buddhist mathematics for cows:

I don't believe in all the Mathematic crap... but that's logic:

every non-natural number can be created with natural numbers... but that's a
bit complicated... like using Naturals as RISC and "Irrationals" as CISC.
CISC is an illusion that makes our potential as humans less great. This moo
mathematics involves understanding quantum dimensions... as in using
infinite to create systems and subsystems... modules are there...
ondulating. That's energy. Matter doesn't exist. Life is a complex form of
energy... there's death... but it's cool. Speaking of Death. I have being to
the moon and back. Yes jump 2 paragraphs++

The Unconcious is not so Unconcious. that numbs us.

Imagine the Iceberg that was written on stone by the elders. I can "full"
the iceberg... submerge it in water... while being awake (as in not
sleeping). It's cool... but I look like the contortionist on the Aenima.
It's cool... time is slowed down (Actually I pay more attention to time... a
day is so BIG!).

A dai-dai-katana costs about $1 locally... I can "hack my environment".
Really. As in cutting the dry part of some random "hojas"
wordreference-google-wikipedia = "god"

I'm buddhist. And that's neat. Way cool. I was not ready to "evangelize".
Let's see:

We have Brahmanic vrs Abrahamic

Abrahamic is a parasite of humanity. Really... Do you remember the chimp
that used other chimps to kill humans? Can you name the chimp's name? Does
it matter?

*casts Photoshop'esque delete to Abrahamic*

*casts move to trash to pills*

I can swallow pills... the ones for "crazy" people. jaja, what a joke.
Psychiatry doesn't understand mind. It was caught in the brain-trap.

hmmm... I prefer Tool pills... did I mentioned I swallowed Lateralus. That
was better than LCD... although I only have experience with indirect
exposure to Marihuana. Drugs are nice, and they are not. If it liberates the
mind, even if it is a taboo, then that's a neat drug. Gives us power.

I "deleted the crap from my flesh hard drive"... speaking of rebirth (not
reincarnation, remember):

I was reborn about 1 week ago... On a same flesh! It was so nice... I don't
need Tool's music to enter a NEW PLANE OF EXISTANCE!

It's like Heaven... not Nirvana. Let's leave that to the "advanced courses".

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