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19 Jan 2007 - 3:06am
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Esteban Barahona

Casey Krub, Of a tangent? Your post is exactly IxD discussion...

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<this is no joke. seriously, this is no joke>

To all, I read the first page (!) of a book written natively on a language I
don't know. Because it's a dual English-Italian and written for Designers,

Il Design Ergonomico

bug report...

today technology is so complex it will take 10 000 years to find uses for
it. Singularity... what a joke. The Singularity are us consciousness waves
with 7 chakras.

current "D&D level"
Jhana level 1

To John Schrag (works in?!) Autodesk... and to Autodesk workers: why there's
no Mac OS X version of "Inventor"? Why there's no GNOME version of
"Inventor"? Those Autodesk have 150+ employees? Do you think that because
someone that lives in LatinAmerica doesn't have access to Inventor in its
home... will he/she "crack" it? Do Autodesk fear piracy? I'm a hacker thank
you. I don't "crack". I use Free Software when I cann't buy propietary
software. I don't need "Inventor" to Create. However. Actually, I have
access to Inventor. On one University, on Costa Rica. Yes that's right. But
it crashed on the Windows-only labs (Dell Core Something). And you know
what? Because of the 1984 activation-scheme. And because of the API/Library
in which "Inventor" is based. Those the Mac labs Adobe Illustrator crashed?
No, it didn't. But it have other bugs... like the beach ball (eMac with 2-3+
"pro-apps"). Those Inkscape under Ubuntu x86 over x86-64 (.deb/.rpm
dicotomy/duality, what a joke) crashed? On my computer? No. It didn't.

So Windows is used by 90% of user's population? Those that mean that Windows
is the best OS? Or quite the opposite. Remember, "90% of everything is
crap"... actually 90% of everything is dormant.

If All no-Windows machines "died", including my computer. I will use paper.
It didn't take Da Vinci's a 2007-core computer to invent ciaroscuro. He
didn't needed "Inventor"

To Adobe, your apps are cool, but load too slowly... we will get less energy
on the decades to come. it's not wise to waste it on a Mac Pro "Octo". We
don't upgrade computers every 2 years "just because".

To now "dead" PS2 Okami Creators. Your game is cool. I want to design the
main character and special feats for Okami 2 for Wii. I plan to know
Japanese in less than 6 years... maybe we can wait for Wii HD... Origami is
cool. I respect Japanese Culture. Seriously, love manga and anime... but
anime isn't sold legally over here... maybe through amazon.com

To Domus Academy ("I know" "here" is a lurker that helped me...). I want to
study Interaction Design but "someone told me" that living in Milan as a
student costs about €1000. You Italians are crazy! (or we all are using
obsolete currencies). With €1500 per YEAR, I can live comfortably in Costa
Rica. I'm starting Product Design on Veritas. It's a "Licenciatura". I
studied 3 years Computer Science at the "Universidad de Costa Rica" but will
~temporarly suspend this Academy (...I don't think like an engineer). I save
money... but I will love to study just after finishing Product Design... I
request financial aid for the transportation and study. I will start
studying (formally) Italian today. At the Dante Alighieri.

To the Italian Government. wtf? Iraq? War? Italy is the Campioni del Mondo
with Cannavaro being an example for sport against Zidane... which...
nevermind. I "legally went to Italy". This means I went to the Italian
Embassy. I request, right now, in a semi-public way... hmmm... to not be
treated like a terrorist while I study at Milan? To be given the Italian
citizenship perhaps? See: Italy accepts giu sanguini... or w-e latin is
dead. that means that, legally, my Mom (4th generation or something) can
reclaim Italian citizenship but I cann't. Is that Consistent? No, it isn't.
Following the "have some Italian genes" condition to be Italian, I should be
Italian... w-e

To the government of Costa Rica, we civilized peaceful intelligent humans,
don't need you. I propose Global Anarchy... or lean governments. The State
is a failure. It was a Social Contract that didn't work. Armies are a
failure too, lets abolish them... right now?! on 2007?! Isn't it cooler to
fight "enemies" on a what-ever generation gaming platform?

To the worldwide ridiculized government of USA, you're a joke. We don't need
you. To USA people, you're cool, I've talked to a sample of your population
(BEASTIE Boys and Red Hot Chili Peppers RULES! Specially Flea). Vote for
Gore. Or run for president.

To Japan. your people have a harsh colective memory. We DO NOT need even 1
nuclear weapon... fly them to the sun... I propose that, anyone, any
Japanese that knows what is to be a samurai, or better yet, who creates art.
Start this simple task: convince goverments to abolish armies worldwide.
That + our challenge to NOT DEPEND AT ALL on Oil will kill Al-Qaeda's
root... Or chose a Death Spiral. Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, your art is inspiring.
And I have only whatched Evangelion series+movies! You and Hideaki made an
animation masterpiece with Christianity as "a far away curiosity". I will
love to work/play at GAINAX... and even if not, my zen art signature is E.B.
because of Y.S. ...but in black, not red ink. I use glasses too... it was a
let-down first, but (a 50x50px original self-portrait?!) seeing "you" give
me an idea... glasses can look cool, and I'm not blind.

To LEGO, I got a (Ducati inspired?) motorcycle gift. I will love to
work/play at LEGO, Denmark... make the flash game/w-e downloadable! and the
shipping international?!

To Nintendo, nice gaming platform. I've ideas for some Wii-exclusive
games... basically one with a katana.

CEO of ZenSUI.Net?
designer of vision perhaps ^_^

</this is no joke. seriously, this is no joke>

...I think of IxDers as shamans on the fire of technology- hint, we just
used half or the base energy for it. Oil. That's right. Doom 'n Gloom
armagedonists. rejoice. Will Peak Oil be 2007?! Can this be our year? The
year of Doom 'n Gloom as never seeing before? Is Gaia angry? An Awful Truth?
NO! ...a simple truth.

Welcome Project 2501

Safety Precaution.
Fire is dangerous. But it gives us power.

If we didn't used fire, we won't be talking of Web 2.0.

If Web 2.0 is random people posting random crap then that's "right".

But I "live" in Web 3.0. Random Humans Uploading to Internet/2501/w-e
Quality Content.

Welcome to infonomics. I propose using grams-of-gold (g-Au pronounced "gau")
as the "new" currency. It can potentially have 0% inflation.

<special ñ edition signature of an "past/ancient/obsolete" zen poem*>
quien no ve, no ve a los que no ven y no ve a los que ven
quien ve, ve a los que no ven y ve a quienes ven
</special ñ edition signature>

*really, it's on the Pali Tipitaka... but reading Pali... maybe later,

hmmm... URLs:


Transmitting, through a (broadband?!) 24/7 128/64 kbps connection. A random

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