iPhone Feature Request

18 Jan 2007 - 7:21pm
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Esteban Barahona

2007 looks promising... honestly, this is just the beggining (of IxD?!).

Imagine the iPhone (the beta product that will ship in ~2007.06.01) with
dialing as:

iPhone: who?
user-caller: *says aloud the NAME of the called"
user-called: Hi, Aló, ...
(user-caller or user-called): ciao (or anyone other codename)
iPhone: <close conversation>

That scene IS Century XXI, 2007, Q3

The TradeMark (...if it matters) may be iPhone OS X, formally "cutting"
Apple in 3: Mac OS X, iPhone OS X, software/accesories/other. Who knows
CISCO besides the IT sector?

Macintosh is so 1984...

btw, since I'm training as designer maybe an iPhone v.2 can be more useful
(to play/tinker/hack) than an iMac atm... AND I have the money to buy it! in
digital-cash (NO credit/debt).

zensui.org will have an iPhone OS X version ^_^ ...why not?

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