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10 Jan 2007 - 7:16am
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Tania Lang

I am interested in examples, alternative ways and new trends of publishing information and menus graphically to assist users
who are strong visually oriented. The relevant user group are novice internet users who are not visually impaired
(due to the nature of their job) but many of the users have poor fine motor skills.

The business area we are dealing with wants to copy the horrible design of another business area which uses a large image
of a bookshelf to display information (specifically policies and procedures). The 1st level menu appears as horizontal book
shelf labels and the 2nd level menu as vertical titles on the spine of the books). The design is horrible and requires scrolling
to view a small number of labels. The user is also forced to turn their head to the side to read the menu labels on the book
spines which is not very user friendly. The business area loves it but many users don't like it.

The information they wish to display is policy and procedures which will sit on an intranet but examples from any websites
are welcome.

Thank you in advance

Tania Lang
Peak Usability
Brisbane, Australia

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