Complexity verus simplicity

8 Dec 2006 - 1:36am
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Brian Forte


Josh Evnin wrote:
>I'm assuming "software like that" means software that you can buy
>that offers the simplest needed funtionality, but that you can also
>extend to have more personalized features. Am I right?
>I think I'd love that model as well...

And suddenly it's 1995 again: <>.

All questions of Apple's handling of the technology aside (and, for
the record, I rather liked CyberDog and bought copies of WAV and
Numbers & Charts and kinda liked them both as well), the real-world
problems encountered by the OpenDoc team shouldn't be ignored when
getting enthusiastic aboout component-centric software platforms.

FWIW, and with the benefit of hindsight, it's not especially
surprising the most successful component-centric environment ended up
being HTTP over TCP/IP.

People don't care about 'software components'. They don't even know
what they are.

Information, OTOH. That they care about, whether it's theirs, other
people's or other company's.

Stick the HTTP protocol onto the IP-based Internet and you've got a
transport layer friendly enough to use that ordinary people can start
linking and connecting their information with each other.


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