Doctoral Consortium in Communication, Art and Design

21 Nov 2006 - 6:46am
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Kadir Has University
Faculty of Communication

Communication, Art and Design
2nd International Doctoral Consortium

29-30 March 2006
Kadir Has University, Cibali Conference Hall, Istanbul, Turkey

Call for Participation:
Kadir Has University is hosting an international doctoral consortium to
encourage quality research, publication and creation of an international
network of academics who exchange ideas in related fields. This is a two day
event comprising of workshops organized around common themes. The consortium
themes are also managed by select scholars:

-Media and Communication Studies
-Cinema Studies
-Drama and Performance
-Design and Communication
-Media, City and Spectacle

The consortium will host keynote, Prof.Dr. Ken Friedman and Prof.Dr David

Criteria for Selection of Applicants:
- PhD. Students in communication/media/film/cultural
studies/communication design/drama & performance.
- who have completed their coursework, passed their qualifying
(comprehensive) exams.
- who are finalizing their dissertation work
- who have enough data/analysis to present.

- Format: A word document in A4 paper, 12 point, Times New Roman and
double spaced
- Contents: Name of Thesis Supervisor, name of student, their e-mails,
a 200 word biography and 3.000 word thesis summary
- Contents of Thesis Summary (in this order) :
Research Topic and Research Question / Contribution of this study to the
field / brief definition of the method / expected results / current status
of the research / a preliminary work plan

Important Dates:
Deadline for Applications: January 15, 2007 Monday
Consortium Days: March 29-30, 2007 Thursday-Friday

Organizing Committee:
Dr. Oğuzhan Özcan, YTU, Faculty of Art and Design, Dept. of Communication
Dr. Ayten Görgün, KHU, Faculty of Communication, Dept. of Public Relations
Dr. Başak Şenova, KHU, Faculty of Communication, Dept. of Communication

Administrative Assistants: Pınar Seden-Meral and Ayça Kırgız
Please forward your applications to: pseden at

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