Final Fantasy XII Gambits (Semi-AutonomousProcesses)

20 Nov 2006 - 12:17pm
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jim muntone

> Video game developer Square Enix recently released Final Fantasy XII
> for the PlayStation 2. It, compared to similar games in its RPG genre,

> sports a new battle system called Gambits.

Weighing in as the gaming geek I am, this functionality doesn't really
sound very new to me at all.

For years now, even going back to the 8 bit Nintendo (Ultima comes to
mind), I can think of RPG games where you had the option to control
all/some of your group. More recently, games like X-com, Baldur's Gate,
Fallout, NeverWinter Nights etc., all included the ability to assign
behaviors to your followers.

This ability is also found in strategy/management games like
Civilization, Rome Total War and SimCity where you can assign various
functions to governers or generals who can manage the day to day of
your empire.

Generally, I've yet to find a game (and some of the titles I have
mentioned have been huge successes in the biz) where the AI's executions
of your orders is ever as good as if you just played all the characters

Personally, though it's time consuming, I like micromanaging and don't
mind telling ever little character what to do and when.


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