Announcing the Hub: Intersections of Interaction Design

12 Nov 2003 - 8:53am
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Olly Wright

Hi all,

For the last few months at the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea,
I've been developing The Hub ( ), a
resource and discussion site on interaction design.

We've officially launched today, in conjunction with the Foundations
of Interaction Design Symposium -- and we're discussing the symposium
as it happens on the Hub blog. (My colleague Walter Aprile and I are
blogging the symposium as it happens, to accompany the live video

We would love your participation and feedback on the symposium - and
on the field of interaction design. As we see it, interaction design
takes place at the connection of technology and personal interaction
with products, environments, spaces, platforms, services, social
networks. Each of these areas has its own way of talking about
interaction design, and too frequently, they don't cross over. The
purpose of this site is to find common language, to look at the
intersections, and to energize collaboration across existing

See you there!


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