Call for Presenters: ProcessFARM, Nov 07: (NYC, USA)

27 Oct 2006 - 4:03pm
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Josh Seiden

Next month, IxDA NYC will host ProcessFARM, a night of
mini-presentations and conversations about the process
of Interaction Design. We invite you submit a proposal
to present at this event.

ProcessFARM is a unique event in which 4-6 presenters
will be selected from the local community (and
environs) to share 10 minutes of insight about the
design process. Last year’s event (WireFARM) focused
on the way we use wireframes as a tool. The event was
a terrific way to meet peers and learn best practices.

This is a great event for first-time presenters as
well as veterans. If you’re interested in presenting,
please send me a note.

In your proposal, please indicate:
1. The type of company you work for (industry, size,
2. The type of product you typically work on (or the
examples you’d like to discuss)
3. The type of design process you use
4. The particular process-related issue, insight, or
problem that interests you.

If you are selected to present, please note that we’ll
provide a small set of questions that we would like to
make sure you cover during your presentation.

Tentative time, date, and location
Nov 12 (Tues), 6:30-8:30pm.
Location: Manhattan (venue TBD)

And for folks who are not interested in presenting,
please feel free to write me with questions or topics
of interest that you would like to see covered during
these event. If I get suggestions from outside of the
NYC area, I promise to share the event results with
the list.

AND: If you are an IxDA Local coordinator, please let
me know if you’d like to host an event like this in
your city.


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