Give-A-Little-Back-06 Friday am update

27 Oct 2006 - 7:57am
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Greg Petroff


We are within striking distance of making our goal. Thanks everyone for
making yesterday our best day in the drive yet. We raised $1405 from the
list. Many thanks to the list for helping us get all of the challenge
dollars pledged by Cooper!

Here is where we are:

Monday: $365
Tuesday: $501
Thursday: $1405
TOTAL as of Friday am $3301

The drive ends when we reach $5000 or Sunday evening which ever hapens
first. Lets see if we can get it done before Sunday!!

Today we have another Challenge today match from Lada Gorlenko. Lada will
match every $1 pledeged up to $200.00 betwen now and 12:00 Pacific Time.

Thanks again.


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