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26 Oct 2006 - 8:35am
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Marc Resnick

>> I am pulling this old thread to get some specific discussion along
>> social networking inside organizations. There is a lot of buzz out
>> there. MicroSoft SharePoint's new Beta has a good tool built in.

>> However, I am not sure in what context is it used inside
>> organizations. Do you guys have any stories to share? What points you
>> bring to address its "must have" case (as against "good to have").

>> I look at Social Networks inside enterprise along two dimentions --
>> talent management (identifying/retaining) and sales force
>> infrastructure (for operational efficencies). Any thought?


I just wrote a paper on exactly this topic for the Human Factors Conference
last week. Basically, it goes into the specific applications areas,
benefits, and some design issues (both visual and structural). If you
don't have access to the Proceedings, let me know and I will send you a
copy. Same goes for anyone else interested.

Marc Resnick
Usability Solutions
resnickm at

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