Seeking UI Writer Job Share for Microsoft Silicon Valley Customer Design Center

5 Oct 2006 - 11:13am
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Michelle DeChen...

:: seeking UI Writer Job Share for Microsoft Silicon Valley Customer
Design Center ::

Come join one of the most exciting user experience teams at Microsoft -
a team whose day-to-day challenges include shaping the next generation
of Windows Live Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Toolbar, Mobile, TV, and more.
Our Silicon Valley Customer Design Center is seeking innovative,
talented, and creative Writers who are excited about delighting
customers in all aspects of their lives.

User Interface Writer - Job Share

UI writers develop the language that users see in an interface (all the
text on the page, the error and confirmation messages, etc). They
understand what kinds of interactions are confusing and propose ways to
improve these. The overall goal is to create a product that's unique and

As a UI writer, you'll work one-on-one with interaction designers to
develop product and feature scenarios, reshape and refine task flows,
and use minimum words to convey maximum meaning. You'll work with
project managers to understand text needs and deliver warm, consistent

Requirements: creative writing skills; experience in user-centered
product design; outstanding ability to write text for the Web;
familiarity with information architecture and task flow analysis;
excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Thoroughness and a
great ability to keep track.

This opportunity is a Job Share position.

If you know of any individuals who might be interested in
the Writing opportunities, please contact Michelle DeChene via email at
a-micdec at

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