IDEA Conference Discount Registration Ends Friday

12 Sep 2006 - 9:58am
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Peter Merholz

IxDA folk--

We now have a complete program, and this is the last week for
discounted registration!

To jog your memory: IDEA addresses the design of complex information
spaces of all kinds. Recognizing that this challenge is not the
purview of any one profession, speakers represent a range of
disciplines: museum design, exhibit design, interaction design,
information visualization, media art, futurism, geographic
information system design, librarianship, network engineering, and more.

The conference takes place at the OMA-designed Central Library in
Seattle, WA, on October 23-24.

Our final program features these speakers: Bruce Sterling; Linda
Stone; Jake Barton (from Local Projects); Dave Cronin (from Cooper);
David Guiney (from the National Park Service); Deborah Jacobs (the
City Librarian for Seattle); Ed Vielmetti; Alison Sant; Ian White
(from Urban Mapping); Mike Migurski (from Stamen); Fernanda Viegas
(from IBM Research); Robert Kalin (from Etsy); Dan Hill (from the
BBC); and Paul Gould (from MAYA Design).

IDEA is organized by the Information Architecture Institute, an
emerging professional association. As such, it has no budget for
things like marketing, so we rely on the kindness of friends to
spread the word. And I hope you consider attending!

This is going to be an amazing event, and I hope to see you there!


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