JOB: User Experience Designer - Sage Software - Atlanta, GA USA

7 Sep 2006 - 2:06pm
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Paul Sherman

Job Overview:
The User-Centered Design team at Sage Software's Small Business Division
is seeking a User Experience Designer with strong information
architecture skills. The position is for a senior-level individual.

The User Experience Designer will be primarily responsible for gathering
and representing the needs of the customers while working closely with
product management and engineering during the ideation and
implementation process. The product domain is financial, accounting, and
business management software.

The candidate filling this position will be tasked with gathering
customers' needs, as well as creating information architecture and
design artifacts such as concept maps, customer profiles, scenarios,
interaction flows, nomenclatures, navigation structures, storyboards,
and wireframes required to successfully build web-connected desktop
software applications and associated web sites.

The successful candidate will effectively advocate for customers while
balancing the needs of product management, engineering, sales, and
marketing. The candidate will also keep up with technology trends and
competitors in this domain.

In addition, the ideal candidate should have the ability to make key
contributions to forward-looking teams responsible for innovation and
creation of new products and services.

The UCD team at Sage Software / Small Business is a strong and growing
team. It is well supported by and integrated into the product management
and development processes. Your contribution will be highly valued, and
you will help drive customer-centered improvements to the Small Business
Division product lines.

User experience design responsibilities:
-Assist product management and feature teams in defining user needs.
-Translate research findings into design directions.
-Rapidly develop user profiles, scenarios, wireframes, interaction
designs, etc.
-Document and present design artifacts to business stakeholders and
-Iterate designs in an agile fashion based on user feedback and
usability test results.

Usability engineering responsibilities:
-Conduct rapid iterative usability testing of wireframes, mockups, and

Job Location:
Sage Software's Small Business Division is located in Lawrenceville,
Georgia, approximately 30 minutes north of downtown Atlanta on I-85.

About The Company:
Sage Software is a leading provider of automated business management
solutions. With a wide range of front office and back office solutions -
including accounting, human resources, payroll, fixed asset management,
customer relationship management, and e-commerce - Sage Software offers
award-winning products and services that have revolutionized the way
small and mid-sized companies do business in today's marketplace.

Send resumes to Paul Sherman, Director, User-Centered Design
paul.sherman at

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