1 Apr 2004 - 10:51am
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Giorgio Venturi

I invite the subscribers of this list to complete this SURVEY on
USER CENTERED DESIGN in the industry.
++ IMPORTANT: only actual User-Centered Design practitioners
should answer ++

When the results will be available, I will post the new again on
this group.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Best regards,

Giorgio Venturi
Marie Curie Research Fellow HCI
giorgio.venturi a

[More information about the survey follows]

Different business sectors have developed a growing interest in
applying the outcomes of Human-Computer Interaction research.

* is there sufficient commitment to bring to integrate HCI into
business models?
* Is HCI business value well understood and proven?
* How can we successfully introduce a UCD approach in existing
organizations, with their own
procedures, beliefs, culture?
* How can we measure the success of HCI integration?

What we need is to develop a business strategy and to discover
User Centered Design success factors, tapping
into the knowledge owned by actual best practices.

IOP-MMI *, in collaboration with the DECIS lab **, is glad to
invite you to participate in a

Survey about USER-CENTERED DESIGN in the industry

We would appreciate if you would spend about 15 minutes to
participate in this survey. The questions are
conveniently organized in a web-based form, which makes
participating in this survey very easy and hardly

The survey is intended to estimate the current state of
integration of Human Factors in the product lifecycle.

>> only actual User-Centered Design practitioners should answer

All you need to do, is to click the following link (or copy the
link in your web browser):

* Background of the IOP Man-Machine Interaction (IOP MMI)

Human Machine Interaction is of great importance to many
industries and markets, such as consumer electronics, medical
applications, telecommunications and process industry. The
economic influence of a good interface can be enormous; a good
knowledge base of human machine interaction is of strategic
interest to many industries.
Therefore the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs has initiated
IOP MMI, the innovation-oriented research program on
human-machine interaction. The main objective of IOP MMI is to
increase the strategic research in this specific field by means
of a programmatic approach at the Dutch universities and research
institutes so that the demand for innovation in business will be
met. IOP MMI funds scientific research on specific strategic
themes within the HCI domain.

** Background of the DECIS lab
Thales Research & Technology Netherlands (TRT-NL), the
Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO),
Delft University of Technology (TUD), and the University of
Amsterdam (UvA) have joined forces in research on technologies
for intelligent information systems. In our research projects we
combine Human Sciences and Information & Communication
Technologies in a quest to shape human cognition and artificial
intelligence into the best collaborative problem solver.

*** This is an Unclassified e-mail***

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