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12 Aug 2006 - 10:19am
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Matt Davies

For those interested in interaction and visual design for mobile UI,
I will be joint presenting a tutorial at the Mobile HCI 06 Conference
in Espoo, Finland on September 12th.

Details below:

Tutorial 3: Designing user Interfaces for future mobile applications
and services- a complete interaction and visual design process

Full day.

The tutorial will include presentations, instructor-led material and
collaborative group design exercises. The instructors will walk-
through their design process as a foundation to the day and show
examples of their mobile UI designs. Design exercises will enable
attendees to work together on a half-day project to create their own
mobile phone UI concept.

The theme of the tutorial is to provide a practical walkthrough of
our mobile industry-based design processes and methods. The tutorial
focuses on combining interaction design and visual design disciplines
to create new mobile applications and services. The approach and
content is based on our extensive project experience with a range of
international clients. The tutorial will start with presentations by
the instructors, covering user-centred design and visual design for
mobile user interfaces. This will be followed by an interactive
discussion, where the audience can find out more from the instructors
about designing in a real industry environment.The second half of the
tutorial will enable the attendees to work in groups on their own
design concept as a team. The design exercises will use design tools
such as concept brainstorming, concept sketching, personas,
scenarios, visual design considerations, paper prototyping. The final
part of the tutorial will include design review presentations by each
group. The instructors will review the designs with the larger group
and all can discuss.

Target Audience
The tutorial is aimed at introductory to intermediate level
attendees. It will appeal to anyone who wants to understand a UI
design process used to create applications and services for the
mobile phone marketplace.

Some participants may be newcomers to the field, others may be
designers, developers and researchers who already design products or
research mobile UI as part of their work.

Developers and designers: An opportunity to see processes and work by
other designers in the industry and compare approaches.

Students and researchers: An opportunity to understand and interact
with industry-based designers in the mobile UI design field.


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