JOB: User Interface Software Developer. BOSE Corporation (Massachusetts)

10 Aug 2006 - 1:46pm
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For any and all of the "crossover" folks who were/are software gurus looking
to get further into the UI space, we have an amazing opportunity inside our
UI/Ix Design group here at Bose. We're basically looking for a great
software engineer/architect who can apply their knowledge to UI design by
bringing our designs to life. We're looking for a software type first, Flash
type 2nd who can speak the language of our software engineers, and apply
that knowledge to a Flash environment for our prototypes. Our Flash
prototypes are often very "real": they're hooked up to live audio and video
sources coming via black boxes controlled by C, C++, Java, etc. and are used
extensively as tools for testing, communication, selling ideas and living

Please send your resume and any work examples to me at
ldebett at gmail.comwith the above subject line for presentation to the
hiring manager. I'd also
be happy to answer any questions about this position.


Lisa deBettencourt
Lead Interaction Designer
Bose Corporation


Research, innovation and invention are the essence of Bose -- the very
reasons for our success. To maintain our lead in a highly competitive
industry, we're currently developing, building and marketing an entirely new
generation of sound systems based on computer technologies. We need an
experienced engineer to help develop software prototypes in Macromedia
Flash/Action Script for these new sound systems. In this role you will
create early high-level prototypes on PC platforms, migrate code and
graphics to embedded systems for higher fidelity real-time prototypes and
deliver portions of code/designs or document reference implementations for
production systems. You will also create new tools and processes to
facilitate rapid prototyping. Software is written in Action Script and where
necessary C and/or C++.


Must have 7+ years experience as a software engineer with increasing levels
of design responsibility including but not limited to prototyping, GUI
development, peripheral control, remote controls, VFD/LCD displays,
software/hardware integration on PC platforms. Desired experience in
developing in a structured procedural environment (SEI CMM). DVD and/or
Audio product development is a strong plus. Requires a BSCS, object oriented
design experience, familiarity with state machines and PC-based GUI
development experience.This individual must have Macromedia Flash and
Actionscript skills. Advanced degree is a plus.

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