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9 Aug 2006 - 8:00pm
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In the previous post, the sentence should have read:
"... I think it [the STC article] also confirmed my feeling that the most
attractive layout uses only horizontal LINES.
Thanks, Jack

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> Ryana
> OK, now that I understand you better...
> The general answer is that you should display either grid lines or some
> substitute such as banding when the eye is challenged to follow across or
> down from the headings or other fields/values to the item in question. If
> it's truly a large chart (more than a 'fold'), technology such as freezing
> headers can substitute for gridlines:
> http://web.tampabay.rr.com/bmerkey/examples/locked-column-csv.html
> An article in the Society for Technical Communication's quarterly journal
> did a great job of defining the optimal text size relative to the line
> height (approx 50%, I think) and I think it also confirmed my feeling that
> the most attractive layout uses only horizontal bands. I've never seen the
> article online. This pattern can be seen in lots of publications that
> otherwise have good design. Using both horizontal and vertical lines looks
> oppressive in most situations. A lot of sites use light colors when they
> use
> both. I wrote a little topic on attractive table design at:
> http://www.usabilityinstitute.com/resources/userInYourFace/userInYourFace.htm#anchor8-Jack-----Hi,Jackbellis,Thank
> you for your kind notice.Now, I'll try to ask my question again.In Excel,
> the grid line is always displayed by default. Then in what casesshall the
> grid line be displayed in a form? One case may be the user needsto set
> position to certain cell frequently. Any other ideas of theguidelines to
> display/hide the grid line?--Kind Regards!Ryana Chan
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