example MRD contents?

7 Aug 2006 - 12:53pm
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Mila Turbek

Hi Everyone,

I'm considering helping a group out by participating in a UI design
project for a Win32 application. Before taking me on, of course, they
would like a cost and schedule estimate. Before I can work on any
sizings, however, I would like to see their MRD (marketing requirement
document) and past products. The new MRD doesn't exist in any written
down form yet, however. I feel that I could help them during the MRD
phase as well, and I could also start learning the domain earlier and
start percolating on UI ideas.

So my question to the group is about MRD templates and suggested
outlines/TOCs etc. If someone could point me toward some good references
here, I would really appreciate it.

I know that I would like to see use cases for all the feature/functions
all spelled out, but what other subsections should "all good MRDs" contain?

Thank You!!
-Mila Turbek
mst1425 at hotpop.com

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