IxDA Board Member, Dan Saffer, puts IxD on the BusinessWeek map with community member Liz Danzico's help

28 Jul 2006 - 3:27pm
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Dave Malouf


Well folks, I'm reading the design & innovation blog on BusinessWeek and
low-and-behold there is an article entitled "Interaction Design: An
Introduction". This interview by Liz Danzico of IxDA Board Member, Dan
Saffer, is a huge score to helping promote IxD as an important discipline.

Liz, what a great coup getting this article in such a prominent
magazine's blog area, and Dan, kudos as well for all the hard work I
know you've been doing of late working on your book about IxD which is
coming out soon. (Dan has released to this list some of the interviews
he used in his book; so check out the archives if you want to see them.)

Again, I normally don't post stuff like this, but I really feel this is
such a great moment for IxD.

-- dave

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