IxD and related roles - is it about naming or

11 Jul 2006 - 10:41am
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Peter Boersma

Adler said:
> I would like to see a comparison and relation between all the roles
> that do user studies, elicit requirements and then the different
> approaches in the design.


As far as I can see the "other" job titles
> (e.g., business analyst, functional analyst) look at cases instead of
> interactions... at least from the job ads I've seen.

You mean Use Cases?

> the T-model you presented is a good start and if we can relate with the
> "other" job titles we might be able to easily explain companies what's
> missing there ;-)

I later added a business layer to the t-model:
http://www.peterboersma.com/blog/2005/03/shoulder-ia-t-model-extended-with.htmlbut that's a different kind of business focus.

Again, WikiPedia has got some of the answers, for example their definition
of Business Analyst (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_analyst) lists
some of the skills and responsibilities in a structured way.

You may want to look at other titles and see how they compare.

Good luck!
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