25 Jun 2006 - 7:19pm
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Mark Schraad

Neither Norman or Nielssen are appropriate as compasses, but their
work is important. I use Norman's "Form, Function and Fit" to talk
with clients all the time. It is a bit simplistic, but helps them to
understand why we as designers need the research up front looking for
opportunities and patterns, and the testing throughout the design
process to validate our ideas. Nielssen represents the radical and
stark end of interface, but not a very realistic application. He
presents a usable benchmark and some solid foundations in theory, but
pretty much ignores pleasurability in favor of usability. That is the
past... pleasurability is the new frontier of the user experience

Ultimately as a UE designer you take stock of research (qualitative
and quantitative), create or co-create a vision (often from your
gut), design, test with users (repeat as needed) and execute. If as a
designer you successfully communicate the vision and nee to
engineers, developers and business people, your idea can maintain its
integrity and not suffer the compromises of a typical corporate
waterfall process.

And, its never formula, or exactly the same for any two problems or


Science Good, Art Good, Users Crucial.

> I agree that _only science_ is a very bad thing for UxD. I think it
> will be nearly impossible to create a nice user experiences with
> only science. It is also building something which addresses visual
> appeal as a integral part of the users'experience. As I see it it
> is also important to start fresh in newer changed world and let
> young people with bright fresh minds cross contaminate (in the
> positive sense) the worlds of science, art and technology. When I
> was a freshman in Interaction Design by reading "being digital" of
> Nicholas Negroponte. To me it made me see art (many definitions
> appliable) is relevant to Science and to our field, the same goes
> for society relevant issues.
> If someone thinks these should be seperated or one is more
> important than the other by definition, I think I will need a very
> thorough explanation, because I have difficulties to see them
> seperated.
> Norman and Nielssen are very important to my profession, but they
> aren't my compass. I am more interested in bright ideas from
> younger generations, people of my age. Ofcourse all the groundwork
> and experience from people like Norman and Nielssen is important.
> However the more people use their authority and make us listen
> without questioning (then we are equally stupid), the more we are
> denying the opportunities to advance our discpline. Ego's are
> boring, original ideas are inspiring, whether in art, science or
> technology.
> Simon
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