Opportunity: Senior Interaction Designer

16 Mar 2004 - 3:50pm
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Marci Ikeler

User interface / interaction design
* Designing the user interface (including interaction design,
information architecture, and, in some cases, visual design) for both
functional and content driven Web or software applications.

Business analysis
* Analyzing business processes and problems with current systems;
Gathering requirements from business stakeholders and end users using
contextual analysis and goal-driven design techniques;
* Testing user interfaces at all stages of the production cycle through
user testing and heuristic reviews.

Technological knowledge
* Communicating limitations and concepts regarding today's web and
software technologies;
* Translating design specs into functional specs for development teams.

Knowledge of design trends and visual design patterns
* Familiarity with common design patterns in web and software paradigms
-- such as common controls and designs for various kinds of navigation
and data entry;
* Ability to articulate disadvantages and advantages of a particular
design (number of clicks vs. clarity; ease of use for novices vs.

Carbon CG delivers end-to-end digital media solutions to Fortune 100
companies and is located in New York City. Our user-centered design
process allows us to develop innovative, highly successful business
solutions. The candidates we are seeking will be focused on developing
innovative solutions that will enhance the experience of the products we
develop for the pharmaceutical and financial industry. Work will include
creating solutions to overcome current customer pain points as well as
shaping and driving design work on our next generation of user
interfaces for the solutions we develop.
Relocation may be provided for this position, and all work will be done
in New York City, NY.

If you're interested in this position, please send a resume to

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