Workshop on HCI & Information Design

1 Jun 2006 - 5:57pm
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Michael Albers

Call for Papers
Workshop on HCI & Information Design to Communicate Complex Information
University of Memphis, Memphis TN
February 16-17, 2007


The future will see the design of information and communication
technologies that serve ever more complex purposes and problems. For
these technologies, creating user-centered support is particularly
challenging when users are domain experts with sophisticated
knowledge work and collaborations and do not want to become power
users to conduct this work electronically. Goals of this workshop are
to define what we already know about communicating complex
information to such domain experts and clarify our understanding of
what issues urgently need further research.

Quality designs must make HCI simpler, not more complex and
difficult. The challenge is figuring out how to "harness" complex
phenomena in requirements, design, and testing so that our systems
support and enhance the proper level of understanding for open-ended,
dynamic knowledge work. To meet these challenges, this workshop will
address some of the most pressing issues in designing useful and
usable digital information for domain experts' knowledge work. These
include but are not limited to the following:

Designing for experts.
What do we know about the ways experts conduct their exploratory,
open-ended knowledge work in organizations or communities? What do we
know about the information and technological support that they need
for various task purposes? What is common and what is different based
on domain demands that should inform our analysis of needs,
generation of requirements, designs and testing? How do we design for
knowledge work among interdisciplinary groups of experts?

Representations of complex activities for design
How do we build situational context into designs? What methodologies
best capture audience informational needs for open-ended exploratory work?

Domain specificity
What commonalities characterize specialists across domains? What
variations across domains are important for the information and
systems we design and how we design them? How do we apply knowledge
about these commonalities and differences to requirements and design?

Extending convention
What aspects of user experience, design, and testing are
under-emphasized today but vital for useful and usable information
and systems for complex work? How do we test whether the designs we
develop for experts' dynamic and nonlinear knowledge work are useful
and usable? What might we need to add to usability heuristics for
expert reviews to better account for the needs of experts in a field
who are more than novices but less than power users?

We hope to reach new insights and agreement about
The current major research issues that need to be addressed
Ways to transform research into practical applications

We want this workshop to maximize the exchange of information and
ideas among the participants. The workshop will feature a highly
interactive format with each participant giving a 15-20 minute
presentation followed by a 20-30 minute discussion. We wish to
encourage high interactivity and in-depth discussion about each topic.

Keynote talk: Barbara Mirel

Please submit a 2-page position paper about your ongoing work, new
interaction designs, opinions or approaches to the problem, or
conceptual frameworks or theories. Papers will be peer-reviewed and
10-14 selected by relevance and likelihood of stimulating and
contributing to this discussion. The position paper will also be
used as part of a book proposal for a collection of the papers
presented at the workshop. Email your paper, in PDF, to
malbers at with subject "Workshop Submission".

2 page proposal due: June 30, 2006
Notice of acceptance: July 30, 2006
Papers for workshop due: 3 weeks before conference
(about 30 double spaced pages)
Workshop dates: February 16-17, 2007
Final papers for edited collection due: 1 month after conference

University of Memphis
Hotel is on campus at the University of Memphis.
rates: about $105 + 15.95% room tax per night for 2 room suite (all
suite hotel). Free parking at the hotel.

Michael J. Albers malbers at

Dr. Michael J. Albers
Professional Writing Program
Department of English
University of Memphis
Memphis TN 38152

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