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Phoenix Design Week event - "Design Collaboration"

Wednesday, October 21 6:00-9:00pm

Western International University 1601 West Fountainhead Parkway, Tempe, AZ 85282


The relationships designers have with colleagues is just as important as the methods and processes they use.

These relationships include marketing, product owners, executives, other designers and naturally, developers. The designer-developer relationship is perhaps the most dynamic and certainly the most detailed of the other relationships. Developers and designers have different personalities, communication styles and use different processes and tools. However, they also have shared interests and priorities. When this relationship is optimized through mutual respect, communication and understanding, zen moments of form and functional bliss can be achieved.

This event will include an interactive panel of developers and designers, a short presentation on Agile design methods and an interactive opportunity to design along with developers.

Sign up to attend here: http://phxdw-ixda.eventbrite.com

Be an active part of this amazing event. We're looking for volunteers! If interested, e-mail us at ixdaphoenix@gmail.com.

Past Events


Journey Mapping 101

Wednesday, September 23 6:00-8:00pm

Coplex 688 West 1st Street Tempe, AZ 85281


Journey Mapping is a powerful research tool that helps you visualize the customer experience and pin-point pivotal moments that can be the difference in getting more business, or losing it. But what, exactly, is a Journey Map? When is it used? And what goes in to making one? Join IxDA Phoenix Local Leader Tony Quiroz and Ethology's Senior UX Design Strategist, Sean Rice, in this month's event to explore the fundamentals of Journey Mapping. The event will include a short presentation, discussion, and activity. There will also be a 5-minute Ignite-style introduction. Come join us!

Thank you to Tony Quiroz and Sean Rice for sharing their awesome Ethology work. View the slides here: http://www.slideshare.net/tquirozAZ/journey-mapping-101-ixda-phoenix


Welcome, Phoenix area UX professionals!

We are a meetup group that organizes UX events (presentations, discussions, jams, happy hours) all around the valley. We have the following goals:

  • To facilitate dialog around how to increase the quality of human interactions with software, hardware, and systems
  • Build a community of UX professionals for support, guidance, and collaboration


Please join our community!

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Local Leaders

Wayne Neale, President at Kydak
Tony Quiroz, UX Design Strategist at ethology
Teresa Swingler, Senior UX Designer at IBM
Chris Zukowski, User Interface Designer at IBM

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