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2014 Schedule


Noah Dyer - Agile Process

 June 18th - 5:30-7:00pm - University of Advancing Technology - Room# 205

Agile? Waterfall? Scrum? You may have heard these terms in the context of project management, but what do they really mean? What is scrum?  Why should you use it?  How can you get started? What pitfalls should you avoid? Together we'll answer all these questions and more as we demystify terms like sprint, backlog, product owner, ScrumMaster, velocity, stand-up, retrospective, and more.



Robert Neal - Applied Cog Sci Frameworks for Everyday UX

July 16th  - Qualia Agency - Details To Be Announced



Lumension Ux Team - IxDA Presents - A Spotlight on Lumension

August 20th  - Details To Be Announced



Wayne Neale - Lean Ux

Details To Be Announced



Phoenix Design Week

Details To Be Announced



World Usability Day

Details To Be Announced



Welcome, Phoenix area UX professionals!

We are a meetup group that organizes UX events (presentations, discussions, jams, happy hours) all around the valley. We have the following goals:

  • To facilitate dialog around how to increase the quality of human interactions with software, hardware, and systems
  • Build a community of UX professionals for support, guidance, and collaboration


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