The next Bi-monthly IxDA Sydney Chapter Meetup

Joe Ortenzi
Event date: 
March 27, 2014 - 2:00am - 4:00am
Level 6, 341 George Street
Sydney, NSW
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IxDA Sydney
Event description: 

Our ever kind and generous hosts at Atlassian are laying on some Pizza and warm smiles for the  evening. Make sure you show up at 6-6:15 PM sharp to thank them as they  escort everyone up.

Full details on our Meetup board:

Updates and News

What we've done recently and what we're doing next.

Intro to Leap Controller

Rui Wang has volunteered to demonstrate the basic interaction model of the Leap Motion Controller, for anyone who hasn't seen one yet.

UX Research: Why, when and how? - Erin Turner

A solid understanding of your user is what drives a good user experience. Research is the method by which we forge this understanding and is the process by which we generate ideas, validate concepts, inform design and ensure what you design will deliver the intended purpose. Research, however, can be difficult to 'sell' to a project team who is unfamiliar with UX processes, can come under much scrutiny and needs to be done well in order to provide benefit. 

This presentation will discuss why research is so important to UX design processes as well as when and how it should be conducted. Tips for identifying which design steps require various research methodologies will be provided, as well as how to gain business support of your research plans. 

Erin is a Registered Organisational Psychologist, with over eight years' experience in UX Research. Erin's career in UX has spanned both internal and external consulting, including establishing the UX Research team at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Erin's consulting career has spanned both Australia and the UK, working with organisations in industries such as medical, tourism, telco and government. 

Improv Talks

Think of it as being thrown into the deep end!

A presentation has been prepared but the presenter has no idea what the slides are in advance. As the slides automatically advance, the volunteer must improvise on-the-fly. It's amazing what can be pulled out of the depths of your memory on the fly!

One of you will be asked to join in as well.  

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