IxDA Silicon Valley Event at Yahoo! :: Jul 24 2013 :: Steve Portigal on The Power of Bad Ideas

Event date: 
July 24, 2013 - 9:00pm - 11:30pm
Yahoo! Sunnyvale
701 First Avenue, Building C, Classrooms 4 & 5
Sunnyvale, 94089, CA
United States
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Event description: 

In business and in life, we pursue the good stuff and champion people who are known for their good ideas. But when we place too strong an emphasis on just the good, we may neglect to consider the bad ones. In design and in brainstorming, deliberately seeking out bad ideas is a powerful way to unlock creativity. Generating bad ideas can reveal our assumptions about the difference between bad and good, and often seemingly bad ideas turn out to be good ones. Jotly and Cow Clicker were jokes or parodies—that is, not good ideas—that have been surprisingly successful. Neil Young and Crazy Horse have covered folk songs. An action blockbuster features a US president swinging a silver axe against vampires. In this talk, Steve will explore how opening up the bad idea valve can lead unexpectedly to the kind of success we aim for with our good ideas. 

Steve Portigal is the founder of Portigal Consulting, a bite-sized agency that helps clients to discover and act on new insights about themselves and their customers. In the past 15 years, Steve has interviewed hundreds of people, including families eating breakfast, hotel maintenance staff, architects, rock musicians, home-automation enthusiasts, credit-default swap traders, and radiologists. His work has informed the development of mobile devices, medical information systems, music gear, wine packaging, financial services, corporate intranets, videoconferencing systems, and iPod accessories. An in-demand conference speaker and contributor to publications like interactions, Core77, and Johnny Holland, Steve is the author of Interviewing Users: How to Uncover Compelling Insights, a Rosenfeld Media book.


7pm—Socializing and refreshments



701 First Avenue
Room: Building C, Building C, Classrooms 4 & 5
Sunnyvale, CA 94089

Directions to Yahoo! Sunnyvale

From San Jose:
    1.    Take U.S. 101 northbound.
    2.    Exit at Mathilda Avenue.
    3.    Turn right onto North Mathilda Avenue.
    4.    Turn left onto First Avenue, opposite Bordeaux Drive, the street on the right.
    5.    Take the first right into the Yahoo! parking lot.

From San Francisco:
    1.    Take U.S. 101 southbound.
    2.    Take the Alviso/Milpitas exit to CA 237 eastbound.
    3.    Immediately after the merge onto 237, take the Mathilda Avenue exit.
    4.    Turn left onto North Mathilda Avenue.
    5.    Turn left onto First Avenue, opposite Bordeaux Drive, the street on the right.
    6.    Take the first right into the Yahoo! parking lot.



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