Bytes and Atoms & Boston IxDA Reboot!

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May 21, 2013 - 5:00pm - 8:00pm
290 Congress Street Third Floor
Boston, MA
United States
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Boston IxDA
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Boston IxDA is rebooting!

It's been a while and we miss you.

We're kicking it off with this great event put on by the folks at Involution Studios and Pivotal Labs, and sponsored by O'Reilly Media, which we think is right up your alley. We also have new local leaders to introduce who have been working on some ideas for the coming months. Come check it out, meet us, and discuss what it means to design for this coming wave of emerging technology.

 Oh, and there will be food and drink too!


Where digital meets physical, the revolution is already here.

Join us for an evening of presentations and discovery around the Interaction of Things. 

Come discuss what it means to design for this wave of emerging technology.


Please join fellow designers, engineers, technologists and artists at Brightcove headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts as we explore the next great shift in interaction design.

As we move beyond the screen, to connected devices and ubiquitous sensors, the internet of things enables us to know ourselves at greater fidelity (for good and bad), to plan our lives and cities better, and to engage with others more quickly and effectively.

Through real-world stories and demonstrations, learn how people are combining data and physical products: From using sensors in retail spaces for generating customer interaction data and analytics, to measuring building performance for energy and occupancy, to controlling physical environments through gestural interaction.

Seats are limited & selling out quickly. Register now at:

~Lisa, Dave, & Samara

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