Agile UX Introduction

Ben Melbourne
Event date: 
February 27, 2012 - 8:00am
ThoughWorks Office
128 Creek St, lvl 19
Brisbane, QLD
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IxDA Brisbane
Event description: 

Due to some building issues, we've had to push this back a week. 

When: Tuesday 28th Feb, 6.00pm-8.00pm


As part of the celebrations about our new office, ThoughtWorks is hosting an Introduction to Agile UX night.

We’ll be breaking up the pizza and beer with a presentation and a workshop game, see below. It’s open to anyone interested in coming along and learning more about Agile…or just some free food.

Please RSVP below so that we can cater appropriately.  

Finding time for creative exploration within Agile software delivery.

Presented by Ben Melbourne

In the Agile software development world, time is of the essence – or rather design time becomes a precious commodity. Taking the time to conduct in-depth user research, then create and explore innovative design solutions becomes an expensive luxury that isn’t always affordable. But what happens if there is a way to not just streamline the UX research and design process, but to actually produce better results for it?

As UX Designers in Agile dev teams we commonly grapple with challenges such as:


  • Not having time to explore ideas and find innovative solutions  
  • Feeling like time spent exploring ideas is a waste when you’re trying to be Lean.
  • Breaking the habit of producing fully fleshed-out polished designs.


What’s the solution?

All of these challenges can be overcome. We need to adjust our practices to get the most out of the Agile process. We need to focus on the value we deliver, not just the outputs.

In this introduction to Agile UX Ben will share some of the Lean UX methods and approaches that we’ve been embracing to get out of the deliverable business and to start becoming an integrated part of Agile software delivery teams to collaboratively develop great experiences in short time frames.

The Agile Experience Design PlayDoh Game

Facilitated by Cathie Hagen

While Agile is user centric does it actually support the fundamentals of Experience Design? Is there enough time to research and properly explore design concepts? Is the user being short-changed for business benefit?

The Agile Experience Design PlayDoh Game is a hands-on interactive game that highlights the challenges of Agile development and explores how Experience Design can be integrated for the benefit of all.

In particular we investigate how big up-front design leads to waste. But feedback from real users is the key, and how to be flexible to adapt to change. We also discuss what has and has not worked for us before.


17 Feb 2012 - 1:35am

I signed up and then cancelled because the event on the registration page says  it is at 10am-12pm. 

I checked the original email and it says the event starts at 6pm so I have re-registered assuming the email is the correct time.

19 Feb 2012 - 6:34pm
Ben Melbourne

It is defintely set for 6pm-8pm, Tues 21st Feb. There are some issue swith the settings on the site.

I'll follow up and see if I can't resolve it.

27 Feb 2012 - 6:22pm

Hey Guys, the signup is closed is it still cool if I come?


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